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environment not being passed to programs called directly from kde

Hello.  I discovered this by trying to get the euro displayed in
konsole, it worked when I started konsole from the command line, because
it inherited my environment from bash.

However when I click on the konsole link in the Panel, or type in
konsole in the Application Launcher, the euro will not work, it just
displays as ? (question mark).

To discover what environment KDE is passing to these applications I type
in "env > kde.env" in the Application Launcher.  (And diff it with a
corresponding bash.env, and trim out the irrelevant details.)

bash.env contains:
> MM_CHARSET=ISO-8859-15
> LANG=de_DE@euro

kde.env contains:

Even when I specify Germany in the control panel, and German as the
language, KDE always passes LANG=C to its applications.

I have no file (except maybe /etc/environment) that contains a line like
LANG=C.  Certainly my .xsession contains LANG=de_DE@euro.

As a hack, I made a desktop icon with this as the command line and it
LANG=de_DE@euro konsole

(First I tried to change the konsole launcher in the panel to a similar
command line, but every time I CLOSED konsole I got "KDEinit could not
run /bin/sh")

Any ideas how to make KDE pass the correct environment on to apps that
it directly calls?

I read a doc online that said choose iso8859-15 in the Country and
Language control panel, but I dont see that there, I just see German,
English (UK) and English US.  All 3 settings dont change the fact that
KDE passes LANG=C to applications.  I use kde 3.0.3


Kurt Häusler

PS, I am a programmer looking for work in germany, check out my cv.


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