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Re: Konsole locks on Shift+Enter


Is anyone else having this problem?  Sometimes when I am typing, I am
slow to release the Shift key and hit Shift+Enter rather than enter.  I
am trying to determine wheather this is a bug in Konsole, or on my
machine.  Any help or an explanation would be great!  Thanks!

I've got KDE 3.0.3 but my Konsole doesn't lock when I enter Shift+Enter. Anyway what to do you mean the Konsole locks? Can you still use the buttons or the menu or does it simply crash?

I don't know if that matters, but in the Konsole menu under Settings > Keyboard you will find a list of KB schemes.. Perhaps try another one to see whether the problem appears or not. I have 'XTerm (XFree 4.x.x)' selected there.

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