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KDE3.1 unofficial beta packages

måndagen den 26 augusti 2002 22.23 skrev Jens Benecke:

> Could you share your KDE binaries with the rest of us? Upload them via
> ftp to if you don't know where to put them, I'll make them
> available.

You can look in:
which leads you to my ftp area containing KDE3.1-beta

kdeedu and koffice is missing right now, but I will put them there a little 
bit later today or tomorrow.

This is a slow link to my private machine (512kbps). Since I have dynamic IP, 
first access has to be done in that convulted way. But the IP generally stays 
until I for some reason need to reboot or something.

There is no warranty on these .deb files. They are not official in any way. I 
am trying to stay compatible with the future debian packages, but sometimes 
it is hard when package names are changing back and forth. At one point I 
just stopped trying to follow that. I can use my time better than trying to 
outguess what the packagers are thinking. 

I have had problems with konqueror wiping out bookmarks.xml. I am not sure if 
that problem is gone.

Debian need to be at a very late UNSTABLE level.
Some packages that are not even in UNSTABLE might be needed. I will put them 
in the same directory, if and when I figure out which they are. They are 
probably in another directory on my machine. 

This is only for i386.

-- Karolina

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