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Re: building qtlib fails?

> > $ /pkg/qt/bin/moc  -v
> > Qt Meta Object Compiler version 19 (Qt 3.0.3)
> >
> I get:
> Qt Meta Object Compiler version 19 (Qt 3.0.2-snapshot-20020126)

OK, can you look into makefile where they make moc? If you can find this
then remake moc and then cd into dir where moc 3.0.2 is created and do

./moc -v

If that works, then the compile should work.

If that doesn't work, you could try to run your all ready installed moc in
place of moc 3.0.3, but this might be a BAD THING TM if it doesn't
understand all the changes made in the 0.0.1 release. :)

Good luck,


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