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Re: building qtlib fails?

> make[2]: Entering directory '/usr/qt-3.0.2/src'
> /usr/qt/bin/moc kernel/qapplication_x11.cpp -o
> .moc/release-mt/qapplication_x11.moc

Looks like moc is segfaulting. Run moc on the cli:


It should segfault also.

Maybe do an

ldd `which moc`

Make sure you get backticks.

> I've tried the usual make clean, make distclean and even removing the entire
> directory and starting again. The reason I'm using this particular version is

If moc won't work, you won't get anywhere.

> Since I know that quite a few people here are building different versions of
> kde, I was hoping someone might know why I'm getting this error?

Here's mine:

$ /pkg/qt/bin/moc  -v
Qt Meta Object Compiler version 19 (Qt 3.0.3)

This seems quite OT to me. Keep on posting, and working on it!


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