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koffice is missing - SOLVED

> As others have said, this is the telling section. The koffice debs at
> people.debian.org/~bab have recently been recompiled/updated by their
> packager against the KDE 3.0.3 debs. For a short while after this, kde
> 3.0.3 debs were not actually available for download (only in CVS), but they
> have since been compiled and made available on kde.org servers.
> To simplest course of action for you may be to upgrade from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3
> using the debs on kde.org (see other posts for an apt line) and then
> install koffice.

Many thanks to all of you, who helped me. According to your advice I have 
installed 3.0.3 and I was able to install koffice. You are great stuff!

Thank you all!


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