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"Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation" error w. 3.02 debs

I am running Debian unstable updated to 15 Augus 2002, and cannot seem to get 
KDE3 to work. 

I have installed the KDE 3.02 debs from kde3.geniussystems.net/debian.

I have wmaker working, and can start wdm without any trouble. Running kdm, 
however, the screen will just flicker a couple of times, then return to the 
command prompt.

Trying to start a kde3 session from wdm, I get the following error message in 
a dialogue box:

  Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation.
Clicking on "okay", I get another message:

  Couldn't start ksmserver. Check your installation.

Same error messages if I run "startx".

I read from some similar error messages with the 3.01 debs to install 
kdelibs4-bin. This appears to have been superceded by kdelibs-bin in the 3.02 
debs, which is installed on my system.

Is this a problem with something else in my installation, or is there a 
current problem with unstable and the 3.02 debs??



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