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Failure: KDE 3.0.2 + XEmacs + praise-be-unto-xemacs


I'm having some troubles with XEmacs running in KDE 3.0.2 from geniussystems. 
In XEmacs "M-x praise-be-unto-xemacs" should play a sound file saying "I'm 
happy, I'm so happy". This works e.g. if I'm running XEmacs in fvwm95, not so 
in KDE 3.0.2!? In KDE all I get is a "I" or a "I'm" or "I'm s" not more, even 
unpredictable how far it will go each time I try it.
I've stopped aRts soundserver which always caused me some troubles, no 
success. It seems not to be a general XEmacs+KDE problem since it works fine 
on my SuSE box at work.

Any hint?



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