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Re: missing menus

I did in fact have a few remnants of 2.2.2 laying around. I systematically
removed all traces of KDE via dselect, then manually went through and
removed all directories that dselect 'couldn't remove - not empty'.
Near as I can tell any and all traces of KDE were removed.  I started from
scratch installing KDE 3.0.2. and renamed the user .kde dir. But when the
dust had settled, the same problem is there.  Every application has at
least some of the menu bar there.  But most have at least one option
missing.  I'd think if it were something messed up install-wise all the
menu items would be missing or broken. There is no consistency to which
items are missing from app to app. Kmail looks perfect except the top
menu bar is as follows:

File | Edit | View | Folder | Message | No Text! | View

The first 4 items are perfect, just as they should be.  The No Text! 
still yields Config Filter twice, and Config POP Filter Twice, and the
second View option is exactly as the first, all sub menu items functional.

Something vewy vewy screwing if going on here.   :)
Can it be a QT issue?

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Ray Dougharty wrote:

> I had the same problem. I think I had some 2.2.2 version packages 
> installed along with 3.0.2.
> It was fixed when I removed all of my KDE packages and then installed 
> them again making sure they were all version 3.0.2.
> If it still does not work after that, try renaming your .kde folder so 
> it will be recreated.

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