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Re: libpng conflict

> Hey folks, I'm looking for some guidance.  I've read through all
> the mailing list threads I could find on this topic, as well as
> the BTS, and I'm left scratching my head.
> I need to have both the kde/qt and gnome/gtk development environments
> installed at the same time, and that just doesn't seem to be possible
> right now.  As I understand it, it all boils down to libpng2-dev vs
> libpng-dev.  The non-dev kde and gnome packages have been made to
> coexist, but the development packages have not.
> Can anyone suggest a workaround for this that I can apply right away?

Use garnome. This will compile everything and drop them into their own
dirs. /usr/local/kde3, for example.


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