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Problems upgrading from Woody KDE 2.2 to 3.0.2

I'm trying to upgrade from KDE 2.2 (Woody) to KDE 3.0.2
1) I've uninstalled KDE 2.2 packages
2) I've installed from Sid gphoto2, libglib2.0.0 and libqt3
3) I've put the deb lines found in http://www.calc.cx/kde.txt in my 
4) I managed to apt-get -t ./ install arts and then kdelibs 
5) But when I try apt-get -t ./ install kdebase apt tells me that the package 
depends on kdelibs3 ; libkonq3 and kdebase-libs and refuses to install kdebase

I don't want to force the installation and nuke my box...
What did I do wrong ?
Thanks for your help

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