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Re: KDE 3.1

lördagen den 13 juli 2002 00.54 skrev David Bishop:

> Well (and maybe this is what Jon meant) is anyone planning on packaging up
> the beta releases? I don't think anyone should bother with the alphas (too
> much of a moving target), but at least with Ivan, there was a tradition of
> putting the last few betas and release canidates through sid, or up on
> people.debian.org.  Obviously, as I'm not volunteering to do the packaging
> and maintainence myself, this is a simple query, not a demand :-)

After the long wait and all the trouble, instead of wining I keep my own 
packaging for debian and have everything for 3.1 alpha packaged. Not to the 
same high standard as the real packaging, but in a working condition. I am 
running 3.1 alpha since about a week, and it appears to work pretty good now.

I try to keep the same packaging as the real stuff, even if that is a moving 
target, but have a sligthly different way of doing it, since I often 
incrementally rebuild from new cvs updates, and I also have a system that 
catch changes

And then I also found in the past that building kde on my own system is so 
much more stable than the general builds.  Particularly after all the 
problems this spring. I also get the latest KDE patches incorporated when 
they come.

-- Karolina

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