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X connection

Hi all.
I'm trying to connect to a X host and display the application in my laptop. 
I'm running sid with X 4.2 and KDE 3.0.2.
I do the following:
- xhost +remote
- ssh to remote
- run program that sets DISPLAY as my laptop:0.0
But this doesn't work, and I've not found where to configure my laptop in 
order to allow remote to make X connection.

Anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance,
José Manuel Pérez Fuente          | Universidad del País Vasco
Punto Neutro EuskoNIX (UPV/EHU)   | E-mail: scxpefuj@sc.ehu.es
Plaza Elhuyar, 1 (Edif. Barriola) | Tel.....:  +34 943 018 281
20018 San Sebastián (SPAIN)       | Fax.....:  +34 943 219 306

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