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MP3 kio_slave?

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I installed lame on my system in an attempt to get the audiocd kio_slave to 
give me the option of creating mp3's but it doesn't show up as an option. I'd 
read that kde3 was supposed to detect lame at runtime. Has anyone gotten this 
to work? I'd be fine with Ogg (which works just fine), but I recently 
recieved an mp3 player which doesn't do oggs. Here is a list of installed 
kde3 packages on debian unstable....

ii  kde-theme-liqu 0.9.5-1        A KDE theme featuring transparent menues
ii  kdeaddons      3.0.1-1        add-on plugins and applets provided with KDE
ii  kdeaddons-doc- 3.0.1-1        KDE add-ons documentation in HTML format
ii  kdeadmin       3.0.2-0        KDE Administration tools metapackage
ii  kdeartwork-mis 3.0.1-1        various multimedia goodies released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-scr 3.0.1-1        screen savers released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-sty 3.0.1-1        widget styles released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-the 3.0.1-1        desktop themes and related goodies released
ii  kdeartwork-the 3.0.1-1        window decoration themes released with KDE
ii  kdebase        3.0.2-0        KDE Base metapackage
ii  kdebase-bin    3.0.2-0        KDE Base (binaries)
ii  kdebase-data   3.0.2-0        KDE Base (shared data)
ii  kdebase-dev    3.0.2-0        KDE Base (development files)
ii  kdebugdialog   3.0.2-0        KDE Debug Settings
ii  kdeedu         3.0.1-1        educational apps from the official KDE relea
ii  kdegraphics    3.0.2-0        KDE Graphics metapackage
ii  kdelibs-bin    3.0.2-0        KDE core binaries
ii  kdelibs-data   3.0.2-0        KDE core shared data
ii  kdelibs4       3.0.2-0        KDE core libraries
ii  kdelibs4-dev   3.0.2-0        KDE core libraries (development files)
ii  kdemultimedia  3.0.2-0        KDE Multimedia metapackage
ii  kdemultimedia- 3.0.2-0        KDE Multimedia (development files)
ii  kdenetwork     3.0.2-0        KDE Network metapackage
ii  kdepasswd      3.0.2-0        KDE password changer
ii  kdeprint       3.0.2-0        KDE Print
ii  kdesdk         3.0.1-1        KDE Software Development Kit
ii  kdesdk-scripts 3.0.1-1        a set of useful development scripts for KDE
ii  kdesktop       3.0.2-0        KDE Desktop
ii  kdessh         3.0.2-0        KDE ssh frontend
ii  kdetoys        3.0.1-1        toys from the official KDE release
ii  kdeutils       3.0.2-0        KDE Utilities metapackage
ii  kdevelop       2.1.1-2        An IDE for Unix/X11
ii  kdevelop-data  2.1.1-2        Platform independent data files for the kdev
ii  kdevelop-doc   2.1.1-2        Documentation for the kdevelop package
ii  libkdenetwork2 3.0.2-0        KDE Network (common libraries)

Thanks for any help...

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