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Re: kmail is slow...

On Friday 21 June 2002 02:15 pm, Alain Bosch wrote:
> Hi,
> Did someone out there have the same problems i have now when
> installing just kmail with an apt-get install kmail?
> Kmail is really slow when using it, not very snappy.
> I have a Duron 1000 and everything works very nicely except
> kmail.

I experience kmail as "slow'"on a cpu 10 times slower then that only.

> I installed nothing else from KDE.
> Any idea from where it may be coming from such slowdowns?
> Sylpheed worked nicely but i need to transfer all my emails
> from eudora to linux...
> Is Kmail supposed to display html messages?

It's a per-folder option. See the "folder" menu.

> Thanks for any advice

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