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missing gs fonts in KDE


I've got a stock woody (3.0) box with X4.1 and KDE2.2.2. I recently lost my 
gs fonts in X after playing around with the AA in KDE2.2.2. After I initially 
got KDE running, the gs fonts (helvetica, times, symbol, etc) were available 
to the system. I checked the "enable AA fonts" box in the control center, 
restarted KDE, and noticed that many of the gs didn't look as good. I 
unchecked the AA fonts box, restarted KDE again, and they were all gone. The 
fonts are available to other X apps, but just not KDE. Any ideas where to 
begin, or is this a bug that will be worked out in later releases?


p.s.- please cc: me, I'm not on the list.

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