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Re: KDE 3 packaging - bug thread

Em Seg, 2002-06-10 às 19:28, Reinhold Kainhofer escreveu:
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> On Tuesday 11 June 2002 00:05, Chris Cheney wrote:
> > time).  I need to know all current outstanding bugs that I still have
> > not taken care of however, so people won't be screaming when it goes
> > into sid so can everyone please post outstanding bugs against current
> > kde 3 packaging as a reply to this message (so it will thread properly).
> Hmm, not really a bug, but a wish (and a very annoying thing to me): Is it 
> possible to have libarts and libarts1 coexist? The same for kdelibs3 and 
> kdelibs4. Currently, updating to kde 3 will deselect the old ones, and with 
> it important things like all additional apps for kde2 (of course), but also 
> wine!!!  So users have to decide whether they want wine or kde 3 :-(

I had the same problem. I resolved it by compiling wine from the winex
source. No problems at all and it runs fine under KDE3


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