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Re: KDE 3 packaging - bug thread

Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
Is it possible to have libarts and libarts1 coexist? The same for kdelibs3 and kdelibs4. Currently, updating to kde 3 will deselect the old ones, and with it important things like all additional apps for kde2 (of course), but also wine!!! So users have to decide whether they want wine or kde 3 :-( And the other thing with these dependencies is that whenever you incidentally select a kde 2 app (e.g. kwintv, koffice etc.) in dselect, all kde3 packages are deselected in the dependencies conflict page, and I have to select them manually again to prevent them from being removed.

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Thanks, Chris, for all the work and even this opportunity to help improving packages.

I support Reinhold's wish; when I wanted to compile some Gnome program I ran into the same libarts(1) problem, so I did not compile the program (forgot which, unfortunately).

Andreas von Heydwolff

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