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Re: KDE3 fighting with games or anything 3-D graphics related.

Doug Holland <meldroc@frii.com> writes:

> When I installed KDE3 using the geniussystems packages, dselect thought it 
> wise to uninstall all my games, including Quake2, Chromium, and just about 
> everything else that uses 3-D graphics, SDL, or is remotely fun.  When I 
> tried installing KPovModeler, I don't get any 3-D OpenGL views.  When I try 
> to get 3-D screensavers, such as Morph3D or Pipes, they don't work.
> OK, so I fire up dselect, and try reinstalling Quake2.  No problem, says 
> dselect, but Quake2 conflicts with every KDE3 package on your system, would 
> you like me to remove them for you?

Try installing libsdl1.2debian-oss in place of libsdl1.2debian-all.
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