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kmail "no valid and trusted" error

I'm using kmail from kde3 and gpg (GnuPG) 1.0.7 and am getting an error
saying "no valid and trusted" openpgp keys found whenever I try to
encrypt to someone who is on my keyring.  

When I try to send the e-mail, what I get is a "encryption key selection
- kmail" window that pops up.  I can see all users on my public keyring,
but they all have yellow question marks next to the key id, and I'm
unable to select any of them and click "ok".  In other words, while I
can highlight the user I want to encrypt to, the "ok" button stays

Is anyone else seeing this?  Does anyone know of a workaround?  I am
able to encrypt with gpg using mutt and evolution (though until I added
an "always-trust" option to my ~/.gnupg/options file, I was getting
similar errors in evolution).

What's going on?


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