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KDE3.x and SID


Hey Chris,
Hey List,

	Preface:  I've been on this list for almost two years now and watch it
daily. We've got a damn fine crew here! But, I'm thinking I missed a post and
I haven't found an answer in the archives (as of this moment)....

Chris (and other packagers),

	I haven't seen an announcement when the KDE 3.x debs will be integrated into
SID. Did I somehow miss this posting?? I know you all are "bustin' ass" to
get it all packages and friendly and this is NOT intended in ANY WAY to put
any dispairity onto any of you!! Not in the least. You're all doing a
fantastic job! I'm getting anxious though. :--)
	Last week I ended up helping the local police department install RedHate 7.3
onto one of thier forensic machines and found that KDE 3.x is actually rather
a sweet deal, therefore I want some too. :--))  Though I am a 'purist' in the
worse sense of the word when it comes to my Debian. If it's not packaged for
us, I'll wait! (simple, actually)


	Oh!! By-the-by!!  If any of you good folks are T.V. Watchers, you might
wanna start REALLY looking at the computer monitors in the series West Wing!!
THEY'RE RUNNING KDE!!! (woohoo, and to 'The Gates of Hell' I say, "You loose,


	Thanks again, folks!

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