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i have problem with kde3. I download all packages from
kde3.geniussystem.net/debian and others which are required or
suggested. First i try to upgrade from kde2 and then also 
uninstall kde2 and install new kde3.0.1 and qt.

The installation or upgrade was ok but when i try 
/etc/init.d/kdm start
it fails. In /var/log/kdm.log i found normal X log and 
the folowing rows:

KCrash: Application Name = kdm_greet path = <unknown> pid = 496
KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2

If I try to run kdm directly, it also fails, but sometime with 
another application than kdm_greet.

I have debian woody, kernel 2.4.18, all kde3 packages whitch are on
kde3.geniussystems.net installed...

Can anybody help me?

  .''`.  Ondra 'Kepi' Kudlik
 : :' :  Debian user
 `. `'   
   `-    Email: kepi@cacwa.cz * Web: http://kepi.shell42.com * ICQ: 111 951 467       

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