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Re: KDE 3 unoffical packages

To be quite honest I was a brave soul and removed 2.2.2 first (apt-get
remove kdelibs3). I figured I can always reinstall it if something goes
wrong. When installing the new KDE3 packages, I had to remove a few more
packages to satisfy some dependencies (nothing that I really needed).

I did not take offense on sending your reply to me directly, I'm very
new to mailing lists myself. I'm running a website at
http://www.linuxjunior.org if you need some Linux-related support.

> How did you get it so that dpkg did not remove 2.2.2 (or whatever)
> (for example it replaced kdebase instead of installing along side of
> I thought this was possible as one is in /usr and the other in /opt.
> I tried  --force-conflicts but this obviously the wrong ticket.
> Also tried putting a hold on kdebase but a no go as well.
> I am fairly new to Debian, and usually use apt, so apologizes if these
attempts seem lame to you.

> all the best,
> Robert_L

> Apologies to Cloverm for mistakenly mailing the first copy to his
> I'm not used to lists yet and have a habit from years of newsgroups to
just hit "reply".  I won't compound it by mailing an apology !

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