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Re: KDE 3 unoffical packages

On Wednesday 17 April 09:41, Cloverm wrote:
> Can be downloaded from here: http://www.unc.edu/~crimsun/kde3-unofficial/
> It worked for me!

How did you get it so that dpkg did not remove 2.2.2 (or whatever) packages?
(for example it replaced kdebase instead of installing along side of it.)
I thought this was possible as one is in /usr and the other in /opt.
I tried  --force-conflicts but this obviously the wrong ticket.
Also tried putting a hold on kdebase but a no go as well.
I am fairly new to Debian, and usually use apt, so apologizes if these 
attempts seem lame to you.

all the best,

 Apologies to Cloverm for mistakenly mailing the first copy to his address.
I'm not used to lists yet and have a habit from years of newsgroups to just 
hit "reply".  I won't compound it by mailing an apology !

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