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Re: KDE 3.0 debs


I build KDE3 from source and everything worked out fine, but kooko and
noatun crash on startup.

I also changed $KDEHOME in /usr/local/kde3/bin/startkde to .kde3, but
it does not save any preferences there. Everytime I start KDE it shows
me this configuration wizard. This is annoying.

I guess KDE3 is the most wanted package in Debian/Sid right now, so I
really hope there are some debs soon. Unofficial debs are really
o.k. This is probably good for bug-hunting, too. (The KDE2.2.2
packages seem really stable and good to me, great work).

Is there any chance to get Liquid packaged for Debian? It looks really
nice and is fast, so it would be very nice to have a package (even so
it is no problem to compile it, but there are probably many people who
just don't want to, or just don't know how).

Thanks for your great work!

By, Michael

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