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Re: NewsTicker Can Cause CPU Usage

On Tuesday 09 April 2002 19:37, Robert Tilley wrote:
> I must express a heartfelt thanks to all of the list members who replied to
> my call for help.
> Following some testing on my system, it was discovered that the KDE
> NewsTicker (which runs in the Panel) was to blame for hoarding CPU
> resources.
> I have my main Panel running at the top of my screen and a child Panel at
> the bottom.  On the child Panel is an instance of the applet "NewsTicker". 
> While I was running NewsTicker, I noticed an increase in CPU usage (from
> GKrellm) to about 100%.  I did not immediately connect the two events but
> when I removed the ticker applet the CPU usage (again in GKrellm) dropped
> to about 1%.

Do you have anti-aliasing fonts ON in KDE?  It slows down my box at least.


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