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Re: When arrives KDE3 in sid?

With all this talk about KDE3 on sid, I seem to remember that someone 
recently had kde3 .deb's or tarballs available quite some time ago? These 
were of the /usr/local/kde variety to happily co-exist with Official KDE2?

I, too tried to compile KDE3 recently, but I kept having problems where 
./configure for certain packages were using /usr.bin/dcopidl and such rather 
than /usr/local/kde/bin/dcopidl? I tried editing several files to fix, this, 
but it kept coming back to kill my compile? So I never got a chance to play :(

I would be interested in fetching such packages if they are still available 
or could be made available? If someone would like to make such packages 
available, fully-optimised would probably be the prefered type to allow 
playing rather than debugging, which the Official .deb's will be for when 
they are ready for unstable.

Thanks to everyone for all the great work!


	John Gay

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