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[KDE3] Optimizing


I have tried building kde3 with different compilers and optimizations, here 
are my results:

- Qt-copy with gcc-3.0.4 and objprelink: Seems to work
- kde with gcc-3.0.4 and objprelink: Compiles, but does not start 
(kbuildsycoca crashes)

- Qt-copy with gcc-2.95.4 and objprelink: Does not compile (moc crashes)

- qt and kde with gcc-2.95.4: No problems, but actually it's not noticably 
faster than kde2 on my machine :-(

I am using the current Debian "testing" distribution. I wonder if anyone has 
tried other optimizations or has somehow managed to get a fast kde3 build on 
Debian Woody? Comments appreciated.

Bastian Voigt

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