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Re:Re: KDE 3.0rc3 Debs???

On Thu 01 Jan 1970 00:59,  wrote
> > I think with pay-per-minute Internet access, building from source would
> > be cheaper than fetching .deb's from the 'net. But, should I use debian
> > tools to build .deb's, or jsut build and install the packages to, say,
> > /usr/local/* to prevent corrupting my installation?
> I think the difference in size is a wash.  If you are careful about what
> you apt-get (most people don't need even 1/3rd of the "full" kde install),
> you should be able to get by using the Debian Way.
Except I've got most of the sources on a DVD, so I don't need to down-load 
them. Fetching via apt-get takes time.

> Having said that, I compiled kde3 locally following the kde2+3 tutorial on
> women.kde.org, and am enjoying the hell out of it :-)  

Thanks for the tip. I'm checking now, but it's very slow ATM from my side.

> However, I plan on
> rm - -fR'ing my /usr/local/kde3 as soon as .debs are available, as apt-get
> makes my life so much easier.  For instance, rather than hacking around to
> get kdm working with kd3, I reverted to startx.  Several kde2 programs just
> stopped working, until I munged around with my ld.so.config, and some still
> don't work (browsing documentation in kdevelop2.0 krashes instantly, I
> think it's trying to embed the khtml part from kde3).  Hopefully these
> types of issues will be cleared up by our faithful debian devs, so that you
> can happily run kde2 & 3 apps side-by-side.
> To sum up: it you plan on maintaining your machine through debian via
> apt-*, wait.  If you simply want the bleeding-edge, compile from cvs and
> write a script to upgrade you every couple days.  

I'm not confident enough to stay on the bleeding edge, but Debian get rather 
'blunt' as it approaches freeze. Also, I'm finding more and more things I 
need more up-to-date than Debian provides. If it weren't for the cost of my 
bandwidth, I'd love to play with SGL, but I'm finding the limitations of 
Debian-verified software getting old. I've allready installed Accelereated-X 
for my video card, after I fould that compiling and installing XFree86 4.2.0 
still didn't give me the 3D acceleration I wanted.

> If you are very worried about
> bandwidth, wait for a couple weeks *after* the intial kde3 packages come
> out, then install them, as us early-adopters will have found most of the
> bugs by then, so the "release a whole new kde system every couple
> days"-cycle that occurs everytime something like this goes down will have
> calmed down to reasonableness, and you can skip all of it (go to the head
> of the class!).
Thats the way I usually go, but I'm getting very itchy, and my current KDE2 
and a half is rather buggy, but for some reason, full KDE2.2 just won't work 
on my system? I'll probably change back after te freeze and the DKE3 stuff 
has calmed down a bit.

Thanks the the info!
> HTH and HAND!
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> D.A.Bishop
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