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Re: Problem with Flash plugin in Konqueror

"Jeppe Buk" <jaybe@jaybe.dk> wrote:

Hi Flash doesn't work in Konqueror on my Woody installation. Scenario:
o I have the Flash plugin in ~/nsplugins
o ~/nsplugins is the only directory for plugins in my Konqueror
o Konqueror finds the plugin and lists it in the Plugins tab
o When opening a page using Flash I get two Macromedia windows
  telling me to download Flash
o I have installed the Blackdown JDK 1.3 and Java applets are
working fine in Konqueror.
Any help will be greatly appreciated
mvh Jeppe

Many web sites have a little script it runs when you connect to check the version of Flash you have installed against the version their site requires. If it detects an "older" version it will direct you to the upgrade site. Chances are this is what is happening to you. IF Konquer is listing a Flash plugin, then you probably have an outdated version instlled. I have seen this here within the past few months, and the problem was usually solved by upgrading Flash... somewhat. Flash in Konqueror is a bit "tempramental". It works on most sites I visit, BUT there are a few it just won't bring up.

The "problem" is that the Linux/Unix versions of Flash tend to lag behind the Windows versions and the version "required" by the site just isn't available for Linux yet. The best you can do is accept the offer to install and make sure you have the latest version available for your system. "One Flash doesn't fit all" <grin>.

-Don Spoon-

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