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Re: Why did I suggest /usr/lib/kde3 or /opt/kde3? (Re: What are Chris and Daniel actually going to do now?)

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On Wednesday 16 January 2002 02:24 pm, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:

> The reason is that Ivan's yet untested approach will not work well
> when users want to install KDE2 and KDE3 at the same time.
> In my approach, you can choose among KDE2 or KDE3 to your heart's
> content. Note that the only file conflicts will *not* happen among
> libraries, which is why you should install in a KDE prefix other than
> /usr. There are many files that conflict, from the ground up. And
> there is no easy solution except implementing my proposed approach.

While this packaging/FHS KDE stuff is over my head, as a user and since 
it is being heavily air on the kde -user list I have a user comment.

It seems to me that there would  be only one version of KDE in Debian 
stable. How Debian gets to one version in stable is another matter.  

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Greg Madden

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