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Re: mail notifier success? (korn/kbiff)

On Monday 07 January 2002 07:33 pm, Jason Boxman wrote:
> I toyed with all those options.  I don't want an audio warning, the second
> is intrusive, and the later would require me to track down some kind of
> application that'll pop an icon in my taskbar, which is all I really want.

Hi Jason,

I've written a KDE Kicker applet called KPop3Applet that is basically KBiff. It's quite configurable.
Below is a screenshot. 

The problem is I haven't released it yet. Although the program works very well, the "./configure" stuff isn't
correct, and that stuff is really a bear to set up.

If you, or anyone else can help me with the ./configure stuff, I can release it.


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