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Re: mail notifier success? (korn/kbiff)


On Monday 07 January 2002 11:37 am, Saadiq Rodgers-King wrote:
> Anyone have any luck setting up a mail notifier?  I've been playing w/
> korn for a few minutes but it just quietly refuses to work.  No error
> messages.  No debugging info.  No nothing.  It just does nothing.
> Anything I should know about it?
> I tried looking for kbiff as an alternative but it doesn't seem to be
> packaged in debian.  Is that correct?  Thanks for any insight.
> Saadiq

This may be way off the mark, but why not setup "Interval Mail Checking" in
the network setup for the accounts in question and have KMail play a sound to
notify you? (that's how I'm running now)


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