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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jan 4, 2002

El Vie 04 Ene 2002 21:26, Ivan E. Moore II escribió:

> >
> >Because some arrogant assholes (called debian maintaners officially)
> >have flamed Ivan on debian-devel for his very hard volunteer work. The
> >most interesting is that they think they did it on behalf of Debian
> >KDE Users.
> >
> >I can only add I fully understand Ivan's decision after reading the
> >whole thread about libpng package on debian-devel.
> I'd just like to say that the reason for my doing this has little to do
> with any dd's or the arguments that went on on the debian-devel mailing
> list. While that did have some part in my decision I did not let that make
> my decision as that would just be a stupid thing to do (IMO).  Things like
> that are part of the job which is being a Debian Developer.  I however just
> don't have the time to do my job properly anymore.  This has been a growing
> trend for some time as those of you who have been following since the
> beginning. Originally...crap almost 3 years ago...I was maintaining over
> 100 KDE specific packages + QT on the side.  And that was for multiple
> arch's.  One could say that I definatly had alot of free time back then. 
> Over the past few years I have found less and less free time.  My job and
> personal life has taken it's tole and of late I've had to make decisions
> that would make sure that I could keep my job and be happy doing it as well
> as be happy in my personal life.  Spending all my weekend and evenings
> doing Debian stuff just doesn't cut it and my stress level has gone through
> the roof.  I find myself getting angry easier and easier as the argument on
> d-devel shows.  It also doesn't help that I care about the work I do and
> when I always see comments about how I don't fix problems fast enough, am
> not doing a good job at all, am always an asshole, etc...  it just grates
> on my nerves.  It doesn't matter how much praise one get's.  I definatly
> never deserved as much as I received as I constantly see other people who
> do far more than I have ever done.
> So with all of that said after my blood pressure went through the roof the
> other day I decided it was time that I just walk away.  I'm not sure if
> I'll volunteer for Debian as a Developer again.  I'll probably still help
> out from time to time in other capacities and may do some non-official
> stuff on the side.  But at this time I plan on removing (or rather already
> have) myself from all mailing lists and removing all -dev crap off my
> machine so I won't even be tempted.
> and finally to help qwell some disputes I've read and some other crap I've
> read:
>   The PNG fiasco.  It could partially and quickly be fixed by reverting
> everything back to using libpng2 specifically.  However by the time we
> found the problem several large chunks of affected packages were aready
> built with libpng3 and uploaded (qt/kdebase/kdelibs/kdemult/+others) and so
> several felt it would be just better to move forward and just migrate to
> libpng3.
> this brings up 1 other problem that was pointed out just recently.  Any
> packages built against libqt2 that is in stable may break if they also link
> to libpng2.  While the breakage is usually minor (depending on the app) it
> is still a problem.
> there is 2 solutions to this problem...one is to revert back to libpng2 and
> basically stick with libpng2 and just migrate to libpng3 for qt3/kde3. The
> other solution is to see if something can be done to libpng3 for backwards
> compatability.  The maintainer of libpng3 is out until something like the
> 10th so we won't know until sometime after then if this is possible unless
> someone else jumps in and does the footwork.
> The imlib bit will only be an issue is a new imlib is uploaded linked to
> the new libpng3.
> AFAIK all of the QT/KDE packages have been adopted.  Don't worry about KDE
> not being in woody.  Others have taken the packages and will do an
> excellent job.
> Ivan

  hello Ivan

 Your attitude honours you and I think you deserve our gratitude. Serious 
work on free software (like yours) in most of the cases is done because of 
its own pleasure but one has to pay for it. And one pays with his job, his 
family, his friends and at the end his health. Many times it does not pay 
off. I want to thank you for providing us the possibilty to use KDE without 
abandoning Debian and for providing so many packages of the best quality for 
such a long period of time.

 I wish you the best,

Pablo de Vicente.

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