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Re: The png fiasco, libqt2, and GNOME

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From: "Steve M. Robbins" <steven.robbins@videotron.ca>
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Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2002 11:38 AM
Subject: The png fiasco, libqt2, and GNOME

> In that thread, three or four approaches have been mooted as a possible
> solution to the upgrade problem, but little discussion has emerged as
> yet.
> The reason I'm writing here is that I would like to see the problem
> packages (libqt2 and related kde apps) stay out of TESTING until
> this issue is resolved.
> I gather that the way forward chosen for QT2/KDE is to recompile
> everything against libpng3.  Chris Cheney and Daniel Stone:
> please confirm or correct this!

Yes. Since we're already halfway there, going back would only cause more

Build-Dep on "libpng3, libpng3-dev || libpng-dev", and you're set.

> That is fine, although one should note Anthony Towns' remarks in
> However, if the rebuilt libqt2 gets into testing before the rebuilt
> KDE apps, then the latter will suddenly break for everyone using the
> "testing" distribution.  It seems prudent to hold up the migration to
> testing until all the packages are ready to go.

This is not something that can be done with bugs, it's something that needs
to manually be done by AJ.

> Therefore, I'd like to reopen Bug #126808 on libqt2 and set its
> severity to "critical".  I believe that would keep the new libqt2
> (and everything that depends on it) out of testing.  When all the
> packages are ready, we would wait ten days (so that all the packages
> become candidates for "testing"), then close the bug.

Bug AJ to do it. It is not a bug in libqt2, and it is most certainly not
critical. Users will live for the next couple of days. Unexpected shit can
crop up and keep packages out of testing, you cannot rely on bugs to work

AJ, I'm also going to ask you to force newer KDE packages (calc has them to
build and upload) into testing, as Ivan isn't going to maintain them at all,
and I don't want to maintain the old ones.


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