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Re: Lost icons in some KDE apps

Appearrently this is due to a recent change to libpng. See:Re: Bug#127252:
-unstable compiled against the wrong libpng

It seems that the libpng has been changed in a major way, and is therefore
affecting anything that is compiled against it. The 'fix' is to re-compile
ALL apps against the new libpng. The 'problem' is this is more than 300
packages in Debian that are known and many others are unknown.

It 'seems' that most of base KDE? has been re-compiled, hence the recent
reports of KDE now working, and kdevelop has been fixed and put into
incoming, so this will take a bit of time to hit all the mirrors. But it is
hard to tell how many other packages are affected by this change.

It would be a good idea to sign-up to debian-devel mailing list to keep
tabs on this development. After-all, this is why it's called unstable.

Of course this is just my best guess from the recent storm of mails on this
subject and I could be very wrong but for myself, I'm going to wait until
this sorts itself out before doing any more major upgrades.

I hope this answers your question.


     John Gay

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