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stuck at "initializing system services"

Greetings --

I'm having a little problem with a fresh install of Debian with KDE
2.2.2 on a new computer. Whenever I try to start KDE, it hangs for a
_long_ time at the "Initializing system services..." stage of ksplash
(the second icon). Eventually, ksplash goes away, and I'm left staring
at a grey screen. Eventually, I do get logged in, and I get the normal
desktop, and everything works, but it takes around 5 minutes or so for
that to happen.

I'm pretty sure this isn't a KDE problem per se, as it also happens
with a copy of KDE that I built from source. Clearly, something that
should be installed or configured isn't -- I just need a pointer as to

As an aside, the machine that I'm replacing has also been running
Debian with KDE, and it doesn't display these symptoms. With the
exception of some hardware-specific packages that I don't need
anymore, these two machines have identical packages installed -- which
is what makes me think "configuration issue".

Any and all pointers welcome.

Oh, in case it matters: 

1.4 GHz Athlon, 512 MB RAM
Debian 'sid', up to date as of this evening, running kernel 2.4.17

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