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Re: KMail and Debian Packages

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 07:45:23PM +0100, Magnus von Koeller wrote:
> > we could add dependencies until the cows come home... ie...
> >
> > depends on >= version x but not version y and less then version z...
> >
> > but the question is...what good would it do us now?  The next 
> > version of KDE is 3 and the package names are different so putting 
> > in hacks (which is all they are) won't do a bit of good.
> I know this must be getting annoying for you. But I've still been 
> thinking about this. Especially the fact that the KDE bug tracking 
> system still blocks ALL KMail bug reports for Debian testing/unstable 
> despite the huge fuss I raised about it on the KMail mailing list 
> really made me think that there must be some way to do this.
> I've been reading the Debian Policy Manual a bit and I think [please 
> correct me if I'm wrong] that preventing this from happening would 
> have been as easy as adding:
> Depends on kdebase >= 2.2.0
> Depends on kdelibs >= 2.2.0
> Or even:
> Conflicts with kdebase < 2.2.0
> Conflicts with kdelibs < 2.2.0
> This is sure getting tedious for you but I think in order to have 
> correct dependencies, you should really add these. As soon as we get 
> to KDE 3.1 this could become a problem again.
> This thing made KMail developers say stuff like this:
> 	"I wonder, if Debian also tries to use for example kernel 
> 	 modules from 2.2.17 on 2.2.20..."
> And obviously, since the KMail developers refuse bug reports from 
> Debian installations, this issue isn't resolved for them.

tell me how I magically get these into testing? I can't..nothing I can
do about it.  sorry.  


Ivan E. Moore II
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