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Kscore crashes kicker

Good evening

I've been having a problem with getting Kscore to run properly.  Whenever i 
try to add it through the menus, kicker disappears on me, and i can't get it 
back up again until i apt-get remove kscore and re-run kicker.  Here are the 
errors i get:

kicker: crashHandler called
ERROR: KUniqueApplication: DCOP communication error!
QWidget (kscore): deleted while being painted
QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted

There are other things in between showing kicker being loaded, but these are 
the related areas, anyone else have this trouble?

kscore 2.1.1-2.1


Corey Quilliam
ICQ:  2156236
" Whoever said love is real, love is blood
 has never felt the way that i do"

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