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Konqueror file manager - weird display

I have a directory on an NFS server containing 88 subdirectories (and
partly sub-subdirs) with between 15 and 30 files of about 4 MB. I tried
the following also locally, so it's not a bug related to NFS.

When I copy this directory and paste it on my computer, the copy status
window shows totally wrong progress information:

With KDE 2.2.1, the progress bar went slowly from 0% to 100%, for
staying at 100% for a while (although not even the half of the files
were copied), then suddenly beginning at 0% again. Also, the amount of
data (lower left corner of the window) showed wrong numbers; when the
progress bar jumped to 0% again, the counter started at 0MB again....
The number of files was shown correctly, though.

Under 2.2.2, the progress bar moves quickly to 100% during the first
couple of files and stays there for a while. During this time, the
amount of data always shows like "20.0MB of 20MB", "21MB of 21MB" and so
on, ie the amount of data is calculated wrongly and always shows a new
"remaining" value. 

Then, suddenly, the bar starts at 0% again, moving slowly (and, as it
seems, correctly according to the - then correctly displayed - amount of
data and the number of files remaining.) During the last 20 files, the
bar starts over from 0% again....

However, neither under 2.2.1 nor under 2.2.2, the progress bar and the
amount of data remaining displays correctly.

Can anyone confirm this? Should I file a bug?


Thomas Winischhofer
Vienna/Austria                  Check it out:         
mailto:tw@webit.com              *** http://www.webit.com/tw

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