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Re: kdf crash and kdm weirdness

> Another issue can be experienced when you start the kdm control
> center module and become root, go to the "Users" tab and click on
> the icon button to open a user-defined icon. Whichever icon I select
> gets scaled down to 32x32 automagically, which is way to small (I
> think the default size is 64x64). 
well, that's the expected behaviour. once i manage to implement kdm's
new look, this constraint will be even more required.
one idea to show full-size icons is the use of .face files in user's
home dirs. if a user with a face is selected, it is displayed in the
logo area (replacing the logo; the clock should move to some corner of
the desktop anyway); the logo area is planned to become 200x200 or
something like that.


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