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Re: Official KDevelop packages for Debian

On Sat, Jul 28, 2001 at 11:03:47PM +0200, J?r?me Marant wrote:
> "Daniel T. Chen" <chenda@cs.unc.edu> writes:
> > Great, thanks!
> > 
> > However, KDevelop is still crashing with:
>   Almost all KDE beta applications in unstable are crashing. I suspect
>   this problem comes from kdelibs3 since all applications are using
>   them but I have no clue.
>   BTW, shipping upstream unstable/beta/development versions even in
>   Debian unstable is a _very bad thing_ and lead to regression.
>   Cheers,
> -- 
> J?r?me Marant <jerome.marant@free.fr>

I would like a second opinion on whether I should use CVS sources or the 2.0beta1 release for KDevelop. Currently the CVS branch I am packaging is working towards the 2.0 release and is only accepting patches after review. Various bugs, including crashes have been fixed in CVS.

Should I stick to the 2.0beta1 release or use current CVS sources?

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