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koules debian package in sid


There is a small problem with the koules (1.4-7) unstable package in
sid.  Line 19 of the postinst script has the line 
ln -s /usr/games/xkoules /usr/games/koules
which fails if /usr/games/koules already exists(as it did on my machine).

two possible solutions are to use 
ln -sf /usr/games/xkoules /usr/games/koules
instead,  or wrap the call in an if statement like:
if [ ! -e /usr/games/koules ]; then
	ln -s /usr/games/xkoules /usr/games/koules

note that you could do both (as is done in the previous call to ln)
but the f in ln -sf is redundant in both cases

Thanks for your time, and I appologise if you have already been informed
of this.
Chris Lambacher

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