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Re: KDE and mp3 ripping support.

Am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2001 13:54 schrieb Regnat Nikolaus:
> Hello,
> I'm missing mp3 ripping support in Konqueror (Audio IOslave) in KDE
> 2.2beta1. I know that kdebase was compiled without it because of patent
> issues. Therefor I want to compile kdebase for  myself, including mp3
> ripping support. What do I have to do to accomplish this? What do I have to
> add in the configure line of the debian source package (if I can used
> that)?
> Nik

you will need to recompile kdebase-audiolibs.  Thats where the audiocd slave 
is in. For successful compilaton with mp3 support you will need the liblame 
which you can get from the lame cvs.


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