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How to chose font in kde applications

       I have installed konqueror and kmail on my system (debian
woody). The default fonts for menu is too small for my eyes (my
monitor have a resolution of 1400x1040), but I haven't been able to
find a way to change the font (the qt widget, as the gtk, seems not to
use Xresources like the Xt toolkit !). I was told that this could be
done through the control center of kDE. But I don't have this control
center. I am still using gnome (as kde enters debian quite recently).
I want only to use konqueror and kmail, they are ways better than gma
and balsa (and nautilus is still unstable and slow). Curiously, in
konqueror, on can change the ison size but not the font size and they
are too large (the font size in filename is too large while the one
for menu is too small).
       Any how, can any body tell me how to change the font and
possibly the initial geometry of konqueror by edting some configure
file, or through a stand alone "control center" type aplication. BY
the way, when clicking in the "configuring konqueror" menu, I get the
error message

There was an error loading module "Setting/FileBrowing/kcmkong.desktop"
The diagnostic is:

So what is missing ? I install konqueror via apt-get, normally
everything konqueror needs should be installed ?

Also, when I clicked on a text file, I get the message

There was an error loading module "Embeded Text Viewer"
The diagnostic is:

But I don't want to use the "Embeded TExt Viewer" any way, I use
xemacs for viewing text file. THis could be done by creating a "link to
application" (very nice indeed), but the above anoying message is
still there.

Thank for any info.

PHAM Dinh Tuan                         | e-mail: Dinh-Tuan.Pham@imag.fr
Laboratoire de Modelisation et Calcul  | Tel: +33 4 76 51 44 23
BP 53, 38041 Grenoble cedex 9 (France) | Fax: +33 4 76 63 12 63

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