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Re: keyboard freeze after reboot

I have noticed the same problem when I need to start "kdm" from a virtual 
console. The mouse works, the keyboard doesn't, and restarting X solves the 
problem. My default setup runs kdm on booting, and I have no problem with the 

At one time I was using "xdm" and I would run into the same trouble. Since 
the only way to restart the server was to use "Ctrl-Alt-Backspace", I 
switched to kdm, which lets me do the same with a mouse.

I think the problem might be X-related.


On Friday July 13 2001 11:18, Johannes M Zmoelnig wrote:
> hi !
> i don't know whether this has been discussed already on this list, but
> still...
> using xfree-4.0.3-4 and kde-2.2.0-beta on my sid-system (kernel-2.4.6)
> gives me a very interesting feature: after each reboot the keyboard locks
> after kdm is being launched
> since the mouse still works, i can easily restart the X-server
> then everything works fine (nevertheless i think it is a kde-related
> problem)
> any hints, helps tips ?
> mfg.cd.sdz
> IOhannes

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