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Re: still broken, need help: DCOP problem

Typical troubleshooting for dcop involved shutting everything re: kde down, 
then blowing away everything kde related in /tmp, mv'ing .kde to .kdeback and 
recreating it to see if that helps (if not, just mv it right back), doing a 
dpkg --purge on the kdebase & kdelibs debs and reinstalling them, and, well, 
if none of that works, then a fill 'dpkg --list | grep -i kde > kdelist' and 
then doing a quick shell script to iterate through that and removed/purge 
everything and then using the same list to apt-get with.  If *that* doesn't 
fix it, well then, you're screwed :-)  But I'm pretty sure it'll start back 
up a few steps before that.....



On Thursday 12 July 2001 07:49 am, James D. Freels wrote:
> I didn't get a response to the last query, so I thought I would try again.
> I have a current Debian/Woody system.  I recently upgraded to 2.2.0beta1.
> Things went OK for a day or two, but then I upgraded to new packages again
> on 7/10.  Then for some reason I do not understand, kde will not start now.
> The symptom (error messages) are DCOP error messages for essentially every
> kde application.  It will not even get past the initialization phase.
> What package supplies DCOP? (kdebase ?) perhaps I should try to reinstall
> the kde packages?
> Need some guidance here...

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