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Re: Kde 2.2 Beta1

  >> Which is the best way if I want to install Kde 2.2 Beta1? I've
  >> downloaded the .deb from ftp.kde.org. Could it cause any problem for
  >> any future update with apt-get if I install this version?

  Rogério> 	Well, I guess that the best way for this would be to use apt's
  Rogério> 	new pinning feature -- with it, you should be able to still
  Rogério> 	use testing while grabbing some packages from unstable.

  Rogério> 	Unfortunately, I'm not with a computer with a new apt and I
  Rogério> 	can't tell you how to use that feature.

Okay, here's how I did it.

First, add the appropriate "unstable" lines to your "/etc/apt/sources.list".

Second, create a "/etc/apt/preferences" file, and set the priority for
"unstable" packages lower than "testing".  Here's mine:

    Package: *
    Pin: release a=testing
    Pin-Priority: 777
    Package: *
    Pin: release a=unstable
    Pin-Priority: 333

Finally, to force installation/upgrade of kdebase & konqueror packages from

    # apt-get -t unstable install kdebase konqueror

You should repeat this for any other KDE packages you wish to upgrade.


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