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Re: /me smacking my head (KDE2.2beta1 experiences)

Welcome to the world of beta testing, brother!

Just two days ago I posted similar message about KDE locking up my system. 

What I don't understand is why is removing the ~/.kde supposed to help? I 
mean that's where all the personal data is stored. Even If I do move it to 
another folder temporarily to give KDE more stability, what am I supposed to 
do about restoring the data?


On Thursday 05 July 2001 09:24 pm, Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Hi there,
> I went the `apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade` path today, mainly
> to check out the new KDE beta.  Very stupid idea.  Konqueror keeps
> crashing in file-manager mode and kcontrol crashes on some modules.  I
> read on the list, that erasing .kde might help, and putting years of
> unix experience aside, I issued `rm -rf ~/.kde`.  Yeah!  Now, my
> bookmarks are gone.  Okay, I never go back to them anyway and I know all
> important sides.  But wait, what about my address book, that's in .kde,
> too, isn't it?!  $:_$§)("!§"§$°
> Oh well, that must have been the most stupid thing I've done on a Unix
> machine this year.  Which, of course, means, that for this year I've
> done my fair share of being a luser.  Life goes on.
> Of course, since the new KDE definatelly is an improvement, I'm willing
> to just put this episode aside.  Here's my two hour roundup with 2.2:
> - As I said konq crashes in file-manager mode.  First I suspected it was
> the integrated terminal emulater, but that's not the problem.  Erasing
> ~/.kde actually did help, but after changing some options in kcontrol,
> konq crashes again.  I'm investigating this.
> - kcontrol crashes, when I try to change fonts (appearance -> fonts?).
> The anti-aliasing checkbox works, but when I try to change a font and ok
> the dialog, kcontrol barfs.  Luckily KDE uses text files!
> - A lot of kcontrol modules stopped working: They just say: "Beim Laden
> des Moduls ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.  Die Diagnose lautet:", in
> English something like "Loading of the module failed, the diagnosis
> is:"  No diagnosis is given.  This happened with an earlier 2.1 upgrade
> in unstable about two or three weeks ago, I wrote to the mailing list
> back than.  Now the following modules also fail: kcmlayout, kcmnotify,
> arts, midi, audiocd.
> - The audiocd:/ ioslave stopped working.  artsd is working, but won't
> start automatically (this problem is actually three weeks old)
> - The blinking of the program icon with the mouse cursor is annoying,
> because it looks butt-ugly.  I like the visual feedback, so I just
> stopped the blinking
> Cheers,
> Viktor

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