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Re: AntiAliasing and TrueType

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Thompson <stephen@thompsonconsult.demon.co.uk> writes:

 Stephen> That was it, Thanks.  BTW What is this file?

        man xft:
       XFT - X FreeType interface library  
       Xft is a simple library designed to interface the FreeType
       rasterizer with the X Rendering  Extension. This manual page barely
       scratches the surface of this library.  
       The  XftConfig file contains configuration information for
       the Xft library consisting of directories to look  at  for
       font  information  as well as instructions on editing pro╜
       gram specified font patterns before  attempting  to  match
       the available fonts.        

 Stephen> On Monday 02 July 2001 11:37 am, Alexey V. Naidyonov wrote:
 >> >>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Thompson
 >> <stephen@thompsonconsult.demon.co.uk> >>>>> writes:
 Stephen> Hello All, Whan I turn the anti-aliasing flag on in kde I loose a
 Stephen> lot of my fonts including the truetype ones. Is this expected
 Stephen> behaviour and if so, what fonts can I use?
 >>  Probably, you have forgot to add dir
 >> "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType" line to XRenderer config
 >> (/etc/X11/XftConfig).

 Alexey V. Naidyonov    

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